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Rapper DaVinci Gets a Police Beat-Down in ‘Dog Meat’ Video

DaVinci and Sweet Valley Dog Meat Video Ghetto Cuisine

There’s a famous scene in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour where Ed Norton talks about his life and New York City, introducing every part of it with the word “fuck.” “Dog Meat” by DaVinci and Sweet Valley — a.k.a. the beat-making alias of Wavves’ Nathan Williams and his brother Kynan — is a lot like that, as the Bay Area rapper starts nearly every line with that same four-letter preface. The difference here is that this Ghetto Cuisine cut has a whole lot more to say about the cops. The video sticks with that theme, showing DaVinci and his lady-friend getting pulled over, frisked, beaten, and cuffed by a pair of donut-munching police officers. Even as he’s getting pushed against the pavement, our host stares straight at the camera and delivers his gruff verses, making for one striking visual. Check it out up top, and get Ghetto Cuisine now from Fool’s Gold.