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Hear Body Count’s Bombastic Comeback ‘Talk S—t, Get Shot’

Body Count Talk Shit Get Shot Stream

Ice-T has taken a lengthy hiatus from any intensive music projects in the name of his acting career, but he’s been hinting since last year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest that Body Count would return in 2014. Now, with the notorious thrash-metal band returns with “Talk S—t, Get Shot,” the first taste from a brand new album, which will, of course, be called Manslaughter.

It’s another one in Body Count’s long tradition of provocative and vaguely threatening singles, and the first since the band was commissioned to write an exclusive song for Gears of War 3, which they decided to call “Gears of War.” The equally unsubtly titled “Talk S—t, Get Shot” premiered last night on Ice-T’s podcast Final Level. Comedian Jim Norton also guests on the episode and talks about his sexual proclivities, so if you’re looking strictly for more Count and less body, you’ll want to skip to the 34-minute mark of podcast below.

Ice T said in a recent interview that Manslaughter will be out June 10, but we have to assume that’s provided he isn’t too busy busting baddies, snapping shots of Questlove’s corpse, or mean-mugging Lieutenant Declan Murphy on Law and Order: SVU. Body Count on Facebook recently shared the pleasantly menacing cover art for their fifth album (below), and first since 2006’s Murder 4 Hire. The current lineup includes original members Ice T and Ernie C (guitar), bassist Vincent Price, drummer Ill Will, and rhythm guitarist Juan of the Dead.


Body Count Talk Shit Get Shot Stream