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Download the Cardini & Shaw Remix of S.R. Krebs’ Sultry ‘Criminal’

Coldwave meets French techno as a Mississippi crooner meets a Kompakt vet

Sarah Rebecca Krebs bounced from her native Mississippi through New York, South Dakota, and San Francisco before finally making her way to Paris. That’s where she lives today, turning out a sultry strain of electro-pop noir as S.R. Krebs. She released her debut single last fall on Paris’ Her Majesty’s Ship label, coolly fusing the subtle drama of early Siouxsie with the slightly clammy funk that’s long been a hallmark of the French techno underground. Last month, Ewan Pearson, HiEM, and Moscoman reworked her song “She Like,” and now Jennifer Cardini and David Shaw tackle the B-side, “Criminal.”

Cardini’s Kompakt roots shine through in the song’s bulbous low end and crisp, rockers-at-the-disco drumming; the results sound a little like Superpitcher’s “Baby’s on Fire” cover crossed with Cortney Tidwell’s “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up” and tinged with a hint of Madchester’s baggy sing-along vibes.

Download S.R. Krebs’ “Criminal (Cardini&Shaw ‘Forever Cha’ Mix)” below; Cardini&Shaw’s debut EP, The Ballroom, is out May 19 on Cardini’s Correspondant label.