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This ‘Mad Men’ Song Spoofs the Show’s Dramatic Camera-Work

Mad Men Tracking Shot Video Song Montage Rob Paravonian

As Mad Men devotees are likely aware, the award-winning AMC show has a certain tic when it comes to closing out episodes. Frequently, the series will employ a tracking shot — where a camera is mounted on a dolly attached to a track, and rolled slowly forward or backward for dramatic emphasis. It’s the cinematic equivalent of the musical fadeout, of course, and it works oh-so-well with shots of Don Draper doing … well, anything.

Now, as A.V. Club reports, comedian Rob Paravonian blesses the world with a YouTube montage of each and every one of those shots, accompanied by his own original song about the phenomenon. Musically, “Dolly Through the Doorway” winds up some sort of weird hybrid of the Smiths and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but we’re not here for the chops. More for lyrics like these:

“It’s at the end of the hour, you need a visual with power, to show your character’s desolation / But there’s no crying and there’s no screaming when you’re battling inner demons / So they just sit in isolation / That’s why the camera can’t be static, we need a shot that’s more dramatic / We need to watch them as we walk away.” Cue the chorus: “So we dolly through the doorway, yeah yeah.”

And remember Mad Men compels you: listen to the Zombies.