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Help Mac DeMarco Kill Roaches in ‘Squish’Em’ Video Game

Mac DeMarco Video Game Squish'Em

Even a “slacker with the heart of gold” can have a roach problem. Well, actually, Salad Days singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco needs your help with his insect infestation in the frustrating new video game Squish’Em, courtesy of Subbacultcha. The concept is simple: Pick your brand of cigarettes from a choice of Marlboro, Viceroy, and Lucky Strike, then stub your butt on as many bugs as you can in 15 seconds. It’s much more of a pain in the ass than it sounds, but we’re willing to forgive DeMarco because we like his new album and respect the fact that he brought his mom onstage at his recent record release show. Once you get bored playing Squish’Em, you can always try your hand at Future’s “Move That Doh” game, in which you drive around picking up cash for a drug dealer. Wholesome!

Play the game here.