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Hear Low Leaf’s Soaring Folktronic Soul Song ‘Set Me Free’

Low Leaf 'Set Me Free' Stream AKASHAALAY

Low Leaf hails from the same city that’s gifted us astrally minded folk and beat explorers like Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and Mia Doi Todd, and she pretty much possesses the skill-set of all three. The Los Angeles artist excels at harp, is adept at guitar, has a knack for production, knows classical piano, and sings with a wholly transfixing energy. But don’t take our word for it. Just hit play on “Set Me Free” below, and hear that stuttering, soulful, and singular song do its thing. Despite the title, Low Leaf doesn’t seem the least bit inhibited, and even brings in the rare collaborator or two — Snorlax on bass, Matthew Baker on drums — to experience the escape as it’s happening. “Set Me Free” hails from AKASHAALAY, her fifth album, out April 29 on Fresh Selects. Pre-order digital or cassette here.

Low Leaf’s handwritten lyrics for “Set Me Free”:

Low Leaf 'Set Me Free' Stream Lyrics