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Jazz More Important Than Hip-Hop, ’60 Minutes’ Poll Finds

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Today in depressing polls, CBS’ 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair magazine have conducted a survey about music. Guess what? Hip-hop is less “important” than jazz. In fact, hip-hop has peaked, this decade has worse music than any previous decade, and if Americans could go back in time to see any act, it would be Buddy Holly and the Crickets (at least they didn’t pick Lawrence Welk). Oh, and radio is way, way more popular for listening to music than these new-fangled gadgets you kids are talking about, and that includes record players — though it’s not clear if “gramophone” was an option.

Read it and weep over at (h/t Michaelangelo Matos).

Take heart in the fact that, as the very first commenter notes, no details are provided about how the survey was done or who actually gave these ridiculous answers.