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GWAR’s Oderus Urungus Spoke of Death in Recent Interview

The late Dave Brockie: "Death is the only trip I haven't been able to go on yet"

Nearly 30 years after the inter-dimensional merry pranksters in GWAR first made their presence known to us Earthlings, it’s clear what the band is about: death, destruction, perversion, guts, and gore. It’s all the traditional metal fare raised to cartoonish proportions. Dave Brockie, the man who played singer Oderus Urungus, recently passed away in his Richmond home. And today, one of his final interviews, with the Hardcore News on DigRadioBoston, has surfaced. 

The idea was always to be loud and rude as hell, and have as much fun as possible along the way. That effort extended over to the band’s interviews which were invariably in character, combative, and hilarious. To wit, in a 1990 SPIN profile, Brockie called our writer “an insignificant speck of diarrheic phlegm” and told us he “[thought he] wiped [his] buttocks with [SPIN] once.” 

The band’s sophomoric sense of humor is on display throughout the nearly 30-minute clip, which you can play below. There’s talk of a former member of GWAR selling crack and of, um, reverse birthing a giraffe. But there’s an air of tragedy that lingers when Brockie discusses plans for the future. Things take a more serious turn later on. 

“My whole quest in life has been one to destroy myself,” says Brockie. “So far I’ve completely failed at even that. Death is the only trip I haven’t been able to go on yet.” It’s a joke, in context, told by a man in a suit that makes him into a grotesque seven-foot-tall alien, but one wonders to what degree Brockie felt the weight of those words.

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