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Hear Fucked Up and J Mascis’ Bruising ‘Led by Hand’

Fucked Up J Mascis New Track Stream

The second single from Fucked Up’s forthcoming Glass Boys LP starts largely in the same vein as the first taste did. “Led By Hand” is expansive hardcore-inflected indie rock that leaves plenty of room for frontman Damien Abraham to spit and stammer.

But then the chorus kicks in and a familiar voice seeps into the low end of the mix — J Mascis, laconically intoning “follow you around” as Abraham continues to trash his pipes. The guitar leads that follow each chorus also bear all the hallmarks of a Dinosaur Jr. solo, so it’s a safe bet that Mascis handled those as well.

Though this feature no doubt influences the song’s direction, “Led By Hand” also continues the commitment to melodiousness that Fucked Up initiated whilst recording David Comes to Life. We’ll see which way the wind blows (toward bloody madness or soothing brilliance) when Glass Boys comes out on Matador on June 3. You can stream the track below or head to Fucked Up’s website for a download.