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Experience Metallica’s New ‘Lords of Summer’ Thrasher Two Ways

Metallica debut new song "Lords of Summer" in Bogota

If fans knew what to expect from Metallica’s South American tour opener in Bogota, Colombia, on Sunday night, that’s because they had already voted on the setlist. But the band snuck in one big surprise: A brand new song, “The Lords of Summer.” Now, turns up a fan-sourced clip of the track that blows all those earlier Vines away.

Put together by Milanica Channel, the video incorporates crowd-sourced footage from 10 different cameras. It’s still pretty fuzzy at times, and it won’t be winning any Oscars for cinematography, but as a means of hearing a relatively clean version of the first new material since 2011’s Beyond Magnetic EP, it more than does the trick. Who cares if the audio’s a little broken, beat, and scarred?

UPDATE: Metallica has shared the “Garage Demo Version” of the song. Watch, then read more below.


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