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Trent Reznor Has the Perfect Dis for Neil Young’s Pono

Trent Reznor, Pono, Neil Young

Trent Reznor has a way with memorable kiss-offs, and that talent has carried over to the streaming wars. The Nine Inch Nails frontman, who earlier this year followed a Grammys-ending performance with a  “tweeted “fuck you” to “music’s biggest night,” has turned his considerable firepower toward Neil Young. “Anything that elevates music back to where it should be is inherently cool,” Reznor told NME of Young’s Pono music offering. “I have great admiration for Neil Young as an artist. But as a device I can’t pretend it doesn’t look a bit like a Toblerone.” Sure, Reznor is on board with another music service, Beats Music, and Young has been pitching Pono based on a lot more than its appearance, but it’s a helluva dis. And it’s still more polite than what people used to say about Microsoft’s failed iPod killer, Zune. Meanwhile, Pono’s Kickstarter campaign has passed the $5 million mark. Young’s presumed reply to Reznor: “On my way to the bank LMFAO.”