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Hear Fat Creeps’ Psychedelic Dream ‘Comes in Loudly’

Fat Creeps

“Comes in Loudly,” the latest single from Massachusetts duo Fat Creeps, is as an apt introduction to the band’s sweet, smoky guitar rock. Since their inception in 2010, the pair has released a varied discography (an EP, a tape, and a split) of grungy surf-tinged riffs and minor-key melodies, juggling moments of moody girl-gang post-punk and chilling, slow-moving dream-pop along the way. But “Comes in Loudly” is their most expansive work yet. Over a heavy drums and psychedelic guitars, the hushed harmonizing between bassist Mariam Saleh and guitarist Gracie Jackson makes for an intimate experience.

The single will appear on the band’s forthcoming full-length debut, out this spring on cassette via Gnar Tapes.