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Mobb Deep’s Cutthroat ‘Taking You Off Here’ Teases ‘Infamous’ Reissue

Mobb Deep, "Taking You Off Here," 'Infamous,' reissue

Mobb Deep aren’t lowering their guard ahead of the New York rap duo’s Infamous reissue and beef-quashing reunion tour. Queensbridge icons Havoc and Prodigy have broken off the first new track from the upcoming expanded edition of their 1995 landmark, and the title “Taking You Off Here” might not be a reference to changing who’s copied on an e-mail thread. The song is a threatening brooder with psych-rock grit in its fractured guitar and organ. There’s no track list or release date yet for The Infamous Mobb Deep, but according to a press release it will combine a remastered version of the original album with 10 previously unreleased tracks. Those will include verses from Nas, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah. On top of that, the publicity materials indicate the bundle will include “an entire self-titled album of new Mobb Deep material.” Find out more of what to expect when Mobb Deep’s tour stops at South By Southwest.