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Juke-Inspired DJ Clap Scores Happy Wilding in ‘Hopeful Hearts’ Video

DJ Clap 'Hopeful Hearts' Video Bliss EP

Phoenix, Arizona is a long way from Chicago — in so many ways — but DJ Clap excellently channels the influence of trap and juke into his own wild, western compositions. On November, the man dropped his Bliss EP on Magical Properties, the Alpha Pup Records imprint curated by Los Angeles electronica maverick Daedelus, and now we have a brand new video for the ecstatic highlight, “Hopeful Hearts.” Directed by Matt Gerber, the visual piece follows the jittery nocturnal adventures of two women having what appears to be a wonderful night. As stutter-prone as the track itself is, a tangible brightness always persists, and is reflected in the perpetual grins of our cinematic subjects. Watch above.