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Stream Five Hours Of H-Town Hip-Hop Curated by ‘Houston Rap’ Author Lance Scott Walker

Sinecure Books’ Houston Rap is a photographic dive into the city’s close-knit, multitude-filled hip-hop scene, one that spends time with its rappers, producers, DJs, and community leaders, as well as the artists’ family — in the studio, in their neighborhoods, and at the club. With text from writer Lance Scott Walker, and nine years worth of stunning, intimate photographs from Peter Beste (previously, he worked on True Norwegian Black Metal) the city’s MCs are afforded an image beyond the conventional syrup and cars visuals that Houston presumably conjures up for those whose knowledge doesn’t go quite so deep. (Though there’s plenty of sizzrup and caddies, too; that stuff is important). Houston Rap provides the incredibly influential but still somehow slept-on region the widescreen attention it deserves.

To accompany the book’s release, writer Lance Scott Walker put together an epic, nearly five-hour mix of Houston rap songs made between 1990 and this year. Like the Houston Rap book, Walker’s mix forces you to sit with the city’s rap artistry, highlighting not only the woozy influence of DJ Screw and car-friendly ride-out anthems, but its radical politics, emotionally devastating honesty, and fervid spitting tradition that celebrates the pure joy of getting together with friends and rapping over whatever beat’s throw in front you. Houston Rap, with photographs by Peter Beste, words by Lance Scott Walker, and a forward by rapper Bun B is out now. Prep yourself, by taking in four hours and forty eight minutes of Houston rap, streaming below.

DJ Screw and Fat Pat “Intro” (1996)

Z-Ro and Mike-D “Bottom To The Top” (2009)

Savvi “Hueston Chronicles” (2004)

Big Mike “World Of Mine” (1994)

Botany Boyz “Playa Hatin Bustas” DJ Screw mix ft. Mike-D (1997)

Too Much Trouble “Family Can Be Your Worst Enemy” (1993)

K-Rino “What U Gonna Do” (2008)

Big Mello “Too Much Stress” (1996)

Geto Boys “1, 2 and 3” (2004)

O.G. Style “Catch Em Slippin” (1991)

Trae tha Truth ft. Hawk, Pimp C “Swang” (2006)

R.P. Cola ft. Mista Mookie “Too Much Lean In My Cup” (1999)

Klondike Kat “Ghetto Baby” (1997)

Fat Pat and Mike-D “All Day All Night” DJ Screw freestyle (1996)

UGK ft. N.O. Joe, Botany Boyz, Lil’ 3rd “3 In The Mornin'” (1996)

Royal Flush “I Never Made 20” (1991)

Raheem “Dance Floor” (1988)

Devin the Dude “All You Need” (2010)

E.S.G. and Slim Thug “Getcha Hands Up” (2001)

Scarface “On My Block” (2002)

20-2-Life ft. PSK-13, Point Blank “Backstreets” DJ Screw mix (1995)

Poetic Souls “31 Flavors” (1992)

Lil’ Flip ft. Lyfe Jennings “Ghetto Mindstate (Can’t Get Away)” (2007)

Street Military “Next Episode” (1991)

Hawk ft. Z-Ro “Diggin Tha South” (2002)

Mr. 3-2 “Comin Down” (1996)

Mike Jones ft. Lil’ Keke, Paul Wall “I’m A Pimp” (2003)

Choice “Payback” (1990)
5th Ward Boyz “Situations” (1995)

Born 2wice ft. B-Fine, Rick Royal “Child 4 Freestyle” (1990)

2 Low “Pain” (1994)

Coughee Brothaz “Piece Of The Pie” (2006)

K-Otix “Move On Pt. 1” (2004)
South Circle “New Day” (1995)

Dead End Alliance ft. Lil’ Keke, Mike-D “Heart Of A Hustler” (1998)

Big 50 “Smoke-N-Maintain” Beltway 8 mix (1997)

Def IV “Schoolboy Crush” (1988)

Square Frame Garden “Rings Around Saturn” (1993)

Sho ft. Willie D “Trouble Man” (1993)

The 144 ELiTE “7’s Up” (2007)

South Park Mexican, Max Minelli, Grimm “La, La, La” (2001)

Ganksta N-I-P “Black Godfather” (1992)

Slim Thug ft. Agonylife, Hawk, 50/50 Twin “Batter Up” Lil’ Randy mix (2010)

Woss Ness “Holes In They Trunk” (2000)

Fesu “Streets Of Greenspoint” (1998)

Cl’Che ft. Hawk “Can’t Nobody” (1999)

Chamillionaire ft. Lil’ Flip “Turn It Up” (2005)

Den Den ft. Z-Ro, Wood “My Life” (2002)

Big Bear “Doin’ Thangs” (1998)

4 Deep “Rollin’ 4 Deep” DJ Screw mix ft. Lil’ Randy (1994)

Papa Reu ft. Lil’ Flip, Hawk “Represent” (2003)

H.I.S.D. ft. Spacebunny Jefferson, Von Pea “Juices and Barry’s” (2012)

Deep South Coalition ft. Emcee “Catch-A-Contact” (2000)

Guerilla Maab “Rise” (1999)
Black Mike “Haven’t You Heard” (2004)

BAM ft. Fakkulty “Street Symphony” (2000)

Infamous Playa Family “Never Feel Such Pain” (1999)

Big Moe ft. Lil’ O, Hawk “Get Back” (2000)

Killa Kyleon ft. Big Pokey “Bullies & Swangas” (2013)

2-Def ft. Klondike Kat “I’m In That World” (1997)

Double D “All Night Long” (2002)

Trinity Garden Cartel “Judge Me By 12” (1996)

Lil’ Troy ft. Big T, Fat Pat, Hawk, Yungstar, Lil’ Will “Wanna Be A Baller” (1999)

C.O.D. ft. Rapper K, Klondike Kat “South Park” (2009)

Ronnie Spencer ft. Tyte Eyez “Cradle To Da Grave” (2001)