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Death Comet Crew, Art-Rap Pioneers, Announce First Album in 30 Years

Death Comet Crew, Rammellzee, 'Ghost Among the Crew'

Rammellzee, who died in 2010 at age 50, is most famous for his hit 1983 K-Rob team-up “Beat Bop,” but the graffiti artist and MC’s legacy is far-reaching. Among many other notable pursuits, the New York legend twisted up futuristic electro-rap beginning in the ’80s with Death Comet Crew, and now the group is finally releasing a proper album. Ghost Among the Crew, titled in honor of Rammellzee, is on the way via Diagonal Records, who say it’ll include the man’s final recordings.

The double-vinyl album contains the first studio work from Death Comet Crew since the ’80 and has a tentative release date of mid-December. Founded in 1983 by Stuart Argabright, the group includes Ike Yard bandmate Michael Diekmann, Black Rain’s Shinichi Shimokawa, and Nick Taylor (aka DJ High Priest) of Gray. Guests on the Ghost Among the Crew include Nomi Ruiz of Hercules and Love Affair renown, Rammellzee cohort Rapscallion, and guitarist Carolyn “Honeychild” Coleman.

Death Comet Crew reunited for live shows in 2003, and a year later noise-rock label Troubleman Unlimited released This Is Riphop, a compilation of archival recordings. The project’s recorded output is otherwise limited to a handful of singles and EPs, most notably 1985’s At the Marble Bar EP. Listen to “Exterior Street” and view the track list below. The press release promises “fragments of soul, jazz fusion, punk, and industrial music.”


Ghost Among the Crew track list:

1. “Me Czar Of The Magyars”
2. “Deep Space Woman”
3. “Drag Racing”
4. “Moons On Titan’s Seas”
5. “Let The Clubs Ring”
6. “One On Ones”
7. “Run Map”
8. “Ignition Spark”
9. “Crustacean Live” (digital only)