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Watch Charlotte OC’s Bewitching ‘Colour My Heart’ Live Video

Charlotte OC

The influences coloring Charlotte OC’s soulful, dance-floor-ready pop are these: Berghain, Berlin’s mythologized nightclub, and the unusual Bon Iver mix she encountered there. “What I was hearing was heaven, what I was seeing was a version of hell,” she recalls. Those hellish impulses led her to co-writer Tim Anderson’s Tim Burton-esque studio in L.A., where, surrounded by the macabre, she penned her debut EP Colour My Heart, a Stygian swooner that layers Lana Del Rey-like brooding over Lorde-ly beats. Above, watch Charlotte — of Malawian, Indian, and Irish heritage — gorgeously perform its pulsating title track as she channels the bewitching allure of Stevie Nicks and the big-throated finesse of Alicia Keys. Below, enjoy Balistiq’s hedonistic remix of the song.

Charlotte OC’s Colour My Heart EP is due November 25 on Stranger (track list after the remix) and a debut album is expected to arrive thereafter. 

Charlotte OC’s Colour My Heart EP track list:

1. “Colour My Heart”
2. “Hangover”
3. “Cut the Rope”
4. “Stolen Car”