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Champions League Transport You to ‘Ebiza’ on Paradise-Pop Thumper

Champions League, "Ebiza"

Champions League are ready for your “League of Their Own” profile headlines. The Paris pair has shared only a handful of tracks, but each has demonstrated a knack for gleaming, tropical-temperature electronic pop, beginning with Saint Etienne-descended city-repper “Paris Is Our Playground” but continuing through the luxuriant yearning of “If You Needed Reassurance” and Vini Reilly-crystalline guitar patterns of “My Dears.” Latest offering “Ebiza” works in a similar zone, but it’s the duo’s most ecstatic (and “ecstatic”) song yet — the title might appear to suggest the new Ibiza is virtual, but then, no, “We rollin’ on e’s, baby, Ebiza.” The “e” might also stand for Swedish pop savants the Embassy, whose strummy sample confections Champions League kick further downfield here. Dancing with molly, this is their League — this is their rules. And they can’t stop.

Champions League, "Ebiza," cover art