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See Yes I’m Leaving Shred a Basement in ‘Four Chorder’ Video

Yes I'm Leaving Four Chorder Video Mission Bulb Album Stream

Yes I’m Leaving are a trio of sludge-loving punks from Sydney, Australia, and their new album Mission Bulb is a nasty mass of angst, grind, sweat, and shred. Above you’ll find a perfectly named song, “Four Chorder,” which is, naturally, constructed from four gnarled note-stacks that do their thing over and over again while main man Billy Burke alternately warbles and screams his dark observations. “People turn their heads when I pass,” he says, and though he no doubt means that strangers are looking away, his band is now turning heads in a perfectly positive way. The song’s accompanying video, directed by Heath Franco, is rightly barebones, capturing Yes I’m Leaving in a basement or garage, thrashing. Want more? Why not. Go ahead and stream Mission Bulb: