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Kings of Leon Take One on the ‘Temple’ for ‘Kimmel’

Kings of Leon, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', "Temple," "Supersoaker," video

Kings of Leon’s Mechanical Bull, per SPIN’s review, is “by far their most seasoned album yet — and also their most conventional, professional, and focused.” No surprises, either, in the Tennessee band’s October 24 performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The Kings performed two songs from the new album, the yearning “Temple” and similarly earnest “Supersoaker,” and to judge by the crowd’s cheers when the gruff, Americana-steeped anthems would grow quiet, their professional focus was fully appreciated. They’ve previously unleashed “Supersoaker” on Fallon and played a full “Live on Letterman” set for Late Night With David Letterman, so for Followill Brothers & co., it’s business as usual.