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Rhye’s Milosh Previews ‘Jetlag’ Album With Smeared Piano Poems

The cover of Milosh's upcoming album 'Jetlag'

Rhye’s wispy R&B album Woman has spawned new records from two divergent projects. The first was Avalanche by Quadron, who, to be fair, have been around for a good while. There, the duo of Rhye producer Robin Hannibal and vocalist Coco O put a slightly jazzy, neo-soul spin on that easy listening aesthetic with an eye turned firmly toward pop audiences.

The other is Jetlag, the fourth album by Milosh, the solo venture of Rhye’s other, vocal half Michael Milosh. Where Quadron aims for the charts, this lone artist pulls all the way back with smeared piano poems and backmasked tape loops. Still, just as one can hear strands of “Open” in “Better Off,” Rhye’s atmospherics play out in Milosh’s music, which can be experienced in the preview video above.

The album doesn’t yet have an exact date, but it will be out sometime in November. You can also run through Milosh’s previous solo records on his Bandcamp.