Jennifer and Jessie Clavin of the sun-soaked garage-rock outfit Bleached recently hit the road for a west coast tour opening for their friends in Best Coast. We tagged along as the sisters and their bandmates played at San Francisco's vaunted Fillmore club before driving south for a show at Big Sur's gorgeous Henry Miller Library.

1. The NoCal Option: 36 Hours with Bleached in San Francisco and Big Sur


2. The Grove, 3:00 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"This was right before we were going to sound check at the Fillmore, we were getting lunch before going to sound check for the first west coast shows," says Jennifer Clavin. "Micayla [Grace], our bass player, lives in San Francisco so she knew it was a good place to go eat. I remember I really liked their ketchup bottles. They were really short and fat. I was like, I need to go buy one of these."

3. MAC Store, 3:40 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"When you are on the road you start getting bored of whatever makeup you have. So every time we have a second and there is a Sephora or a MAC store we'll run in and try the samples," says Clavin.

4. In the Minivan, 3:58 PM, August 15, San Francisco


Clavin explains that "we were able to drive in a minivan because we were borrowing drums and a bass amp from Best Coast. It's always nice when you get to take a minivan because it's way easier on driving and gas and way more comfortable."

5. Unloading the Minivan, 4:00 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"Us arriving to the Fillmore," says Jessie Clavin, "unloading the van. That's Jen's amp and my pedals on the right."

6. Backstage at The Fillmore, 4:35 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"I was drawing flowers on the set list," says Jennifer Clavin. "Micayla is on the phone talking to her fiancé in the back. The kids at the Fillmore are always really excited and after the show they always want to take a set list."

7. Backstage at The Fillmore, 4:37 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"That was me and Bethany [Cosentino of Best Coast] saying hi to each other after getting to the Fillmore," says Jennifer Clavin. "We’ve known each other since 2003 or 2004. We all live in L.A. but we rarely get to see each other because either we're touring all the time or they're touring all the time."

8. Starbucks, 5:00 PM, August 15, San Francisco


Clavin is "obsessed with Starbucks now because I know exactly what to expect and exactly what it is going to taste like. When everything is changing constantly around you that's the one thing that you know is going to be the exact same. It's nice to have that. Every time we see a Starbucks we always go."

9. Soundcheck at the Fillmore, 5:39 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"[My dad] made me this clear [bass] about a year ago," offers Micayla Grace. "He only makes them for me. He doesn't make custom orders or anything. It takes him about six months to make one. I really have to plan my outfits because they are going to be seen through the instrument. Sometimes you use your instrument to hide whatever is going on in the middle."

10. Backstage at the Fillmore, 5:53 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"[Drummer] Jon [Safley] reminds me of a Monchichi doll there," says Clavin. "His hair is all fluffy like one."

11. Backstage at the Fillmore, 7:05 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"Whiskey is actually my least favorite alcohol," admits Clavin. "It always gets me the most hung over and gives me the weirdest drunk feeling. My favorite is tequila, and then after tequila is vodka and then after vodka is white wine and then whiskey."

12. Playing at the Fillmore, 8:23 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"I didn’t realize how insane the crowd was until later," says Jessie Clavin. "All the kids are so excited they are really supportive and happy to see bands playing. I think that if they're there to see Best Coast and they don't know us, they trust that [Bethany] picked what bands opened."

13. Onstage at the Fillmore, 8:35 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"These girls yelled at me they were like "What shirt are you wearing?” says Jennifer Clavin, "and I was like, 'It’s a Germs shirt!' And they were like, 'Oh that’s what we thought!'"

14. On the Street After the Set, 10:15 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"That's [the band's friend] Yasi and I walking back from getting pizza," says Clavin. "But before that we went to a Korean sushi restaurant that someone said it was supposed to be really good. We were sitting there and all of the sudden [photographer] Wilson [Lee] looks like he just saw someone die. His face completely pale and his mouth opens and he's like 'Oh my god.' There was a mouse falling from the upper level onto the floor. We decided we just needed pizza."

15. On stage at the Fillmore, 10:28 PM, August 15,


"That's when Best Coast was playing," says Clavin. "This was during their encore. I was eating the pizza, I have a pizza in my hand, you can't see it in this picture."

16. Backstage at the Fillmore, 10:43 PM, August 15, San Francisco


"This is me and Bobb [Bruno of Best Coast] drinking together," says Clavin.

17. Outside the Fillmore, 12:00 AM, August 16


"I was waiting on the side for Yasi to settle the merch and the money," remembers Clavin. "I don't smoke cigarettes, but I wish I did because it looks so cool. I have this one hitter that looks like a cigarette, so you can stuff it with weed and then take a hit."

18. The Fillmore, 12:07 AM, August 16, San Francisco


"It's really funny to be in the venues when they're packed with people and then completely empty," shares Clavin. "It's a different feeling. When they're empty you would think they would look bigger, but a lot of times they look smaller."

19. The Hemlock Bar, 1:30 AM, August 16, San Francisco


"I don't remember what Bethany is putting on my lips," says Clavin about hanging out after the show at the Hemlock bar. "Oh, it's Baby Lip! There's this lipstick that I've always wanted and Bethany had it so she was putting it on."

20. Chipotle, 1:30 PM, August 16, San Francisco


Clavin swears that "we've been trying to be really healthy. Even though the only option [on tour] is somewhere like Chipotle, we'll try to get like the healthiest thing on the menu. You can really eat like shit and you adjust but in the long run it's harder on your body."

21. Highway 1, 2:52 PM, August 16, Northern California


"Big Sur is so pretty," raves Clavin. "It's also kind of scary. If you've never done Highway 1 before you would be scared. It's a really small road and you're driving on the edge of a cliff for hours. That's actually why we wanted to rent a minivan instead of the 12-passenger van, because driving the big van on that is even scarier."

22. Highway 1, 3:12 PM, August 16, Northern California


"We pulled over because I had to pee," recalls Clavin. "But then we ended up finding this road that went down to the fence, kind of where Micayla is standing in the back. It was really pretty."

23. Outside the Henry Miller Library, 4:28 PM, August 16, Big Sur


"This cat lives at the Library," says Clavin. "It's this giant cat and its been living there for like 15 or 20 years. I wasn't sure how friendly it was because it's so big and old looking that you couldn't tell if it wanted to be picked up."

24. Gift Store, 6:07 PM, August 16, Big Sur


"I really like hats," says Clavin. "Every time I see a hat store I always want to go in and find the perfect one."

25. Backyard at the Big Sur Lodge, 6:18 PM, August 16, Big Sur


"It's fun sitting in a really nice wooden chair in the middle of a stream surrounded by greenery and nature," swoons Clavin. "I've gone [to Big Sur] so many times with different friends and just hung out and had really good conversations. It kind of makes you wish you lived up there. But I think if I actually lived up there I would go crazy."

26. Playing at the Henry Miller Library, 7:46 PM, August 16, Big Sur


"While we were playing Bobb [Bruno] from Best Coast was sitting in the front row watching us," says Clavin. "It was so cool and sweet."