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Myron & E Visit the Greatest Roller Rink on Earth in ‘Do It Do It Disco’ Video

Myron & E 'Do It Do It Disco' Video Broadway

At a moment when disco’s biggest claim to fame is the latest transmission from a pair of chic French androids, it’s refreshing to hear a funkier, more visceral strain. The Bay Area-based duo of Myron & E aren’t afraid to sweat for their grooves, as proven in the video for “Do It Do It Disco.” With an assist from Finland’s Soul Investigators, the pair have just released their debut full-length Broadway on Stones Throw — a project several years in the making, considering the two met while providing backup vocals (Myron) and turntable skills (E) for Blackalicious some time ago. The clip above, directed by Mochilla’s Eric Coleman, finds our hosts lacing up at Cerritos’ Skate Depot alongside the actual patrons who frequent the Southern California hub on disco night. Old-timers play dominos in the corner, custom skates rule the day (Nikes!), and the moves can be quite breathtaking. Meanwhile, Myron & E provide the perfect score.