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Kal Marks Gush Heavy Strangeness on ‘Where a River Starts and Ends’

Kal Marks 'Where a River Starts and Ends' Stream

Bostonian trio Kal Marks have given their debut studio album a title that’s less than optimistic: Life Is Murder. But the band’s sound, though heavy at times, is hardly a bummer. They cut their sludge with deliciously odd angst, and sweeten the stylistic melting pot with lively melodies. Take “Where a River Starts and Ends,” streaming below. After 30 seconds of peaceful plucking, things get decidedly bent, with Carl Shane’s vocals blurting into the fore like a robot who’s just figured out how to sing: “This is where the river starts, though I know nothing could be perfect / These are the places we passed though on our journey through the rapids.” He unveils his tale backed by bassist Mike Geacone and drummer Nick Egersheim, who help morph the groove into a mercurial hybrid of Dinosaur Jr., Black Sabbath, and Modest Mouse. Life Is Murder arrives September 17 via Exploding in Sound along with Midnight Werewolf & Sophomore Lounge.

It gets fuzzier before it’s over: