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See Johnathan Rice’s Gruesomely Literal ‘My Heart Belongs to You’ Video

Johnathan Rice 'My Heart Belongs to You' Video Good Graces

Is been quite some time since we’ve heard from Scottish-born, Los Angeles-dwelling songman Johnathan Rice. Of course, he’s regaled us alongside his special ladyfriend Jenny Lewis as Jenny & Johnny, and he had a hand in Elvis Costello’s 2008 album Momofuku, but it’s been six years since Further North, and Rice is due a third album at long last. Good Graces will arrive on September 17 via SQE Music, and it will find the malt-shop-minded fella getting by with a little help from his friends. Miss Lewis and her Watson Twins stop by, as does Z Berg (the Like, JJAMZ), longboard legend Char Marshall (really), Dawes bassist Wiley Gelber, Rilo Kiley guys Jason Boesel and Pierre de Reeder, and producer/guitarist Farmer Dave Scher.

Now, onto the good (and gruesome) stuff. Above you’ll find the video for “My Heart Belongs to You,” a swooning song about love as “a thing of perfect beauty” that includes Rice’s bright vocals, an easy beat, and some sprawling guitar-play. But the accompanying visual is quite worrisome by comparison. Initially we see a group of girls and women experiencing all the symptoms of Beatlemania — screams, tears, bouts of unconsciousness — except they all appear to be waiting for the appearance of someone named Rico (which appears to be a pretty lady sporting a glued-on mustache). As their hero gets closer, the fans lose control completely and things take a dark turn. Eventually, the pining chorus becomes rather literal. 

Johnathan Rice, Good Graces track list:

1. “Acapulco Gold”
2. “My Heart Belongs to You”
3. “Nowhere at the Speed of Light”
4. “Lou Rider”
5. “Empty Head”
6. “Good Graces”
7. “Surfer’s Lament”
8. “Soldiers”
9. “That Summer Feeling”