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HARD Summer Patron Dies Following ‘Cardiac Distress’

HARD Summer Death Festival Flying Lotus

Live Nation has confirmed that a HARD Summer festival-goer died on Saturday after attending the opening night of the Los Angeles electronic music festival. The promoter cited only “cardiac distress” and explained that the young man passed away at the hospital. After his headlining set on the HARD-er Stage, L.A.’s own Flying Lotus tweeted that he’d witnessed the unfortunate event.

SPIN was there as well, waiting for Lotus’ 10:25 set to begin when we heard sirens and saw flashing red lights heading in our direction. We followed the emergency vehicles to the scene, where police were making room as medics performed CPR on the man, who’d apparently been lying near the edge of the field. Responders worked to resuscitate him but seemingly to no avail, as they lifted him onto a gurney, loaded him onto a cart-like vehicle, and rushed him through the nearest gate alongside the stage. A hundred or so HARD patrons had gathered on the hillside above him, mostly sitting quietly. One young woman had buried her face in a friend’s chest and was clearly weeping.

Here is Live Nation’s full statement:

During Saturday evening’s event held at Los Angeles State Historic Park, a patron experienced cardiac distress and sadly passed away at the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Our guests’ safety and well being is of paramount importance at every Live Nation event. We have skilled EMT’s, police, and security staff deployed on site to respond to any emergency situation and last night members of this emergency team were with this patron and administering CPR within two minutes of notification. We work closely with local health and safety authorities to plan for emergencies and set the appropriate staffing levels for each event.

For more information please contact LAC+USC Medical Center.