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Fiona Apple Walks After Crowd Fails to Be Quiet for Length of a Bell Ring

Fiona Apple Off Stage Louis Vuitton Japan

When you’re Louis Vuitton and you throw an event honoring “Timeless Muses,” you shouldn’t be surprised if you wind up with a timeless performance of sorts. Especially if Fiona Apple is on the bill. Though the baroque-pop queen was not among the titular women — a list that included Kate Moss and Sofia Coppola — she became a focus of Thursday night’s party at Japan’s Tokyo Station Hotel when she reportedly told the audience to kindly STFU and stormed offstage.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Apple became agitated while attempting to perform amidst excessive room chatter. She evidently climbed onto her piano early on in the set, requested quiet and, when that request wasn’t granted, produced a small bell. She rang the thing after challenging the crowd to remain silent for the duration of the tone (no luck). She also apparently hit herself on the head with the microphone and did a back-bend over her piano bench.

Among her recorded missives to the crowd: “Shut the fuck up!” and “Predictable fashion! What the fuck.” Also, she may have muttered the word “rude” under her breath. Like Dave Chappelle before her — or perhaps, consider the time difference, at roughly the same time — she did not finish her set. No video has yet surfaced, but keep an eye out.