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Soundgarden’s Ben Shepherd Turns Folkie on Haunting ‘Collide’

ben shepherd, in deep owl, collide

Recently, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and bassist Ben Shepherd have been unplugging their instruments for stripped-down versions of the grunge giants’ best-known songs. We’ve spotted the Superunknown pair perform “Black Hole Sun,” “Fell on Black Days,” and King Animal cut “Halfway There.” Now, the dude born Hunter Benedict Shepherd is getting further in touch with his softer side via “Collide,” the latest single to surface from his upcoming solo debut, In Deep Owl

The LP’s first sample, “Baron Robber,” was bolstered by a pseudo-psychedelic rawness and concussive drumming (Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and ex-Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain helped with the recording process), but this track maintains a folky peacefulness. Here, Shepherd avoids cratering percussion and blistering solos in favor of an acoustic guitar and rippling mandolin. Listen to it below, followed by the track list for In Deep Owl, out August 27. 

In Deep Owl track list: 

1. “Stone Pale”
2. “Koda”
3. “Collide”
4. “Loose Ends”
5. “Neverone Blues”
6. “Veritas”
7. “Baron Robber”
8. “From The Blue Book”
9. “Keystone”
10. “The Great Syrup Accident”
11. “The Train You Can’t Win”