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The Beta Band Will Now Sell Many Copies of Their ‘Regal Years’ Box Set

Genre-resistant Scottish outfit compile every studio recording for October reissue

The Beta Band will revisit The Regal Years this fall with an expansive box set collecting their entire output. As Fact points out, Parlophone are planning to honor the folktronica trailblazers with a six-disc retrospective due out October 7. The Regal Years (1997-2004) assembles every single Beta Band studio album, plus a host of rarities, demo recordings, never-before-released radio sessions, and live tracks. 

Weighing in at a total of 81 tracks, the upcoming tribute includes the Scots’ classic de facto debut album, 1998’s The Three E.P.’s, in addition to 1999’s self-titled LP, 2001’s Hot Shots II, and the 2004 swan song Heroes to Zeros. The final two CDs cull from various BBC performances, a handful of early-era demos, audio from an Xfm studio recording, a few festival appearances, and the band’s final show, which took place at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in November 2004. Beta Band bassist Richard Greentree will provide sleeve notes. 

Wade into the massive track list below, but first, make it rain:

The Regal Years (1997-2004) track list: 

The Three E.P.’s (Disc 1):  
1. “Dry The Rain”
2. “I Know”
3. “B + A”
4. “Dogs Got a Bone”
5. “Inner Meet Me”
6. “The House Song”
7. “Monolith”
8. “She’s The One”
9. “Push It Out”
10. “It’s Over”
11. “Dr. Baker”
12. “Needles In My Eyes”

The Beta Band (Disc 2):
1. “The Beta Band Rap”
2. “It’s Not Too Beautiful”
3. “Simple Boy”
4. “Round The Bend”
5. “Dance O’er The Border”
6. “Brokenupadingdong”
7. “Number 15″
8. “Smiling”
9. “The Hard One”
10. “The Cow’s Wrong”

Bonus Tracks: 
11. “Dance O’er The Border (Live at Glastonbury Festival)”
12. “The Hard One (Manmouse Remix)”

Hot Shots II (Disc 3):
1. “Squares”
2. “Al Sharp”
3. “Human Being”
4. “Gone”
5. “Dragon”
6. “Broke”
7. “Quiet”
8. “Alleged”
9. “Life”
10. “Eclipse”

Bonus Tracks: 
11. “To You Alone”
12. “Sequinsizer”
13. “Won”
14. “Unknown Squares (Bloah Mix)”
15. “Quiet (Acoustic from 99x Atlanta Session)”
16. “Squares (Roman Nose Mix)”

Heroes To Zeros (Disc 4):
1. “Assessment”
2. “Space”
3. “Lion Thief”
4. “Easy”
5. “Wonderful”
6. “Troubles”
7. “Out-Side”
8. “Space Beatle”
9. “Rhododendron”
10. “Liquid Bird”
11. “Simple”
12. “Pure For”

Bonus Tracks:
13. “Out-side (Roman Nose Remix)”
14. “Assessment (C Swing’s Bootleg Mix)”
15. “Shrek Out-Side (Depth Charge Remix)”

Live Material (Disc 5): 

BBC Live BBC Radio 1, Evening Session (10/9/97): 
1. “Dry The Rain”
2. “Monolith”
3. “B + A” 

Shepherd’s Dub BBC Radio 1, Lamacq Live (5/7/99):
4. “The Hard One” 

Brokenupadingdong BBBC 6 Music, Rocket Science Session (01/05/04):
5. “Dog’s Got A Bone” 

Outside BBC Radio, T In The Park Live (10/7/04): 

6. “Inner Meet Me”
7. “Outside”
8. “She’s The One”
9. “Dry The Rain”
10. “Broke”

Demo, Live & Sessions (Disc 6):

Demo Recordings 1997:
1. “Idea For House Track”
2. “Longer Idea For Above”
3. “Bed In The Sunlight”
4. “B An A”

Live At Roskilde Festival 2002:
5. “Inner Meet Me”
6. “Life”
7. “Human Being” 

Xfm Studio Session 2004:
8. “Dog’s Got A Bone”
9. “Out-Side”
10. “Simple”

Live At Shepherds Bush Empire (11/29/04):
11. “Squares”
12. “Simple”
13. “Easy”
14. “Dr. Baker”
15. “Quiet”
16. “The House Song”