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The-Dream Has His Own App Filled With ‘Sexual Content and Nudity’

App King

If you’ve ever been walking around and thought, “I wonder what the newest The-Dream news is” or — more realistically — wanted to listen to The-Dream songs that you don’t have on your phone? Well, The-Dream has a remedy for all of these issues: You can now download The-Dream’s very own iPhone app, which gives you access to news, songs, videos, photos, lyrics, and more. You can also submit a song via the app for a songwriting contest. 

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know if the app will give users access to The-Dream’s recent softcore porn videos for “Pussy” and “Turnt.” Apple has long banned porn apps from the iPhone, so maybe The-Dream is doing a favor to all the dudes out there forever jonesing to watch a woman essentially have sex with a physical copy of IV Play. iTunes notes that the app is rated 12+ for “mild sexual content and nudity,” “suggestive themes,” “crude humor” and “mild alcohol, tobacco or drug use,” all of which are a pretty decent summary of The-Dream’s discography.