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Hear Museum of Love’s Necromancing ‘Down South’

Museum of Love

Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem) gets in touch with his inner David Byrne on “Down South,” the debut single from Museum of Love. His partner in the duo is Dennis McNany, a.k.a. DFA’s Jee Day, and also the founder of Run Roc Records, a member of the bands Neutral Mute and SKISM, and a “touring member of Turing Machine” (one of the best phrases we’ve read in an artist bio in quite some time).

As you might expect from two seasoned road warriors, “Down South” is an ode to distance and desire; more obliquely, it’s also an ode to New York’s all-inclusive club culture of the 1980s, fleshing out a slow-motion house shuffle with Lamonte Young dream-drones and “Oh Superman” stuttering phonemes. Fittingly, the washed-out shades and pixelated fades of the video give it the look and feel of a VHS installation you could have seen at the Mudd Club, circa 1981. Enjoy it above.