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Stream Coke Weed’s Patient Fuzz-Rock Jewel ‘Anklet’

Coke Weed

Coke Weed’s upcoming third album is titled Back to Soft, and advance listen “Anklet” is elegantly unhurried, but the Maine-based band knows slow, seemingly unaggressive songs can still be deeply sinister. Produced by Nick Stumpf (Cavemen, French Kicks), the record is due out July 23, and this song’s languidly gnarled psych-rock brings to mind current acts Pure X and Real Estate as well as precursors Galaxie 500 and California’s ’80s Paisley Underground scene. In fact, singer Nina D’s narcotic voice most strikingly recalls Mazzy Star, the Paisley Underground’s most famous offshoot. The song’s titular piece of jewelry winds up spinning in a murky undertow.