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Nick Cannon Trolls the Internet With EDM Album ‘White People Party Music’

Nick Cannon is making an EDM album. It seems like a pretty cut-and-dried story: The guy who hosts America’s Got Talent attempts to extend his career by shamelessly jumping on America’s hottest music trend. But there may be more to Cannon’s EDM album than meets the eye. Specifically: Is Nick Cannon making a satirical EDM album in order to troll fans?

The album, for one thing, is called White People Party Music. That is a satirical title that you would almost certainly not choose for your serious dance music album. In announcing the existence of White People Party Music, Cannon told The Today Show the following: “I DJ a lot. I’ve been Djing all over the world. In my DJ crates, I label them different things. When it’s time to turn the party up, you put on the white people party music. That fist pumping, all of that.” He sounds genuine, and a bit bewildered by how much white people love LMFAO.

Then again, the first single is called “Me Sexy,” which is so on-the-nose. The song is ridiculous but also more or less indistinguishable from a number of EDM crossover attempts. It’s not overtly comedic, but its “s-e-x-y, we don’t need no alibi” breakdown and extended Spanish spoken-word verse do suggest that there’s at the very least some wink-winking going on here.   

Cannon, of course, also has a history as a comedian (or “comedian,” if that feels more appropriate to you). His MTV improv show Wild’n Out — which returns this July! — dabbled in rap parody, and Cannon also appeared in a very pointed video along with fellow rap satirist Affion Crockett called “Eat That Watermelon.” If Cannon is simply trolling white EDM fans, he’s already done a very good job: The mood of EDM sites reporting on the news ranges from angry to depressed. So, really, it doesn’t matter if Nick Cannon is serious. Either way, he’s putting Very Serious EDM Heads through a ringer of emotions. We’ve all already won.