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Hear Mykki Blanco Rap in Latin on Creepy Sinden Production ‘The Initiation’

Mykki Blanco 'The Initiation' Betty Rubble Stream

“Hell is chilly, motherfucker.” So sayeth Mykki Blanco before a disturbingly bleak Sinden beat kicks off and our hostess leaves English behind for a serious of whisper-growled Latin incantations on “The Initiation.” Carpe noctem … carpe diem, Deo confidimus. “Seize the night … seize the day, in God we trust.” Coming from this Breaking Out star’s throat, the words sound positively demonic, and the production never lets up, growing more claustrophobic and disorienting as the song progresses. Like the rugged heater “Feeling Special” and the bleakly woozy “Bugged Out” before it, this new one hails from the New York rhymer’s forthcoming Betty Rubble: The Initiation EP, which finally has a release date. The eight-song set is due May 21 via UNO and fans should expect maximum cap peelage upon listening. “Dark” doesn’t begin to describe the corner from which Blanco is rapping. Via DIY.

Mykki Blanco, Betty Rubble: The Initiation track list:

1. “Angry Birds”
2. “Crisp Clean”
3. “Feeling Special”
4. “Bugged Out”
5. “The Initiation”
6. “David Blaine Bitches”
7. “Ace Bougie Chick”
8. “Vienna”