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Horde of Kate Bush Look-Alikes Overrun U.K. Park

kate bush, wuthering heights

Hundreds of Kate Bush fans reached all new wuthering heights this past weekend, setting a world record for the most Bush look-alikes reenacting the video for 1978’s “Wuthering Heights.” The NME reports that more than 300 people gathered at a park in the U.K. on May 25 to pay tribute to the art-rock icon’s debut single because apparently they had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. Decked out in red dresses, wigs, and lipstick, the Bush disciples performed their own version of the classic clip, which stars the dramatic singer-songwriter as she twirls, works a bit of jazzhand magic, and mimes like she’s playing an invisible game of tug-of-war. 

The event was organized by Shambush, a group that identifies itself as a “ludicrous troupe of performers” that specializes in “creating immersive, theatrical encounters and events.” According to a comment on Shambush’s Facebook page, approximately 330 participants showed up for the “Wuthering Heights” reshoot. “It was an unofficial record,” the comment reads, “And as far as we know no one has attempted this before.” Why would they?

Watch the official clip for “Wuthering Heights” below. For an idea of what the Shambush production looked like, head over to the Argus. Or just multiply the original video by 330 in your head.