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Hear Dirty Beaches’ Rattling Rockabilly Doom-Bomb ‘Casino Lisboa’

dirty beaches casino lisboa stream

When he’s not busy punching himself in the face or modulating synth chords, Alex Zhang Hungtai makes super intense lo-fi no wave music under the name Dirty Beaches. We most recently heard the man’s dread-steeped soundtrack for a short film called Waterpark, but he’s also gearing up to release a new album. Drifters/Love Is the Devil is due May 21 via Zoo Music and the titular track (latter half) turned out to be a tear-soaked dirge without a single lyric. New song “Casino Lisboa” might give us a better idea of what Hungtai is up to these days, laying down a rattling, distortion-heavy foundation while the man spits semi-intelligible venom from a mouth that seems caught in a permanent rockabilly sneer. There are echoes of both Tonetta and Brian Eno, with hints of the utter nothing that awaits us at the end of this crushing existence.