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Shabazz Palaces Turn Animal Collective’s ‘New Town Burnout’ Into Art-Damaged Rap

Shabazz Palaces / Image by Leif Podhajsky, original band photo by David Belisle

Animal Collective’s music is not something one would choose to rap over — unless you’re Shabazz Palaces. As part of Animal Collective’s Monkey Been to Burn Town remix EP, Shabazz Palaces have remixed “New Town Burnout,” a track off AC’s Centipede Hz, SPIN’s No. 40 album of 2012. The result is hip-hop at its most art damaged, with verses swimming their way through a burbling, jackhammering muck.

The remix EP drops May 27 in Europe and May 28 in the U.S. on 12-inch vinyl and as a digital download. It includes the previously released contribution from Gang Gang Dance’s Brian Degraw, as well as guest shots from Chicago juke star DJ Traxman and Teengirl Fantasy.