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Hear AM & Shawn Lee’s Disco-Kissed Come-On ‘All the Love’

Cross-continental duo drops 'La Musique Numerique,' which may remind you of a certain set of masked 'droids

Los Angeles pop-soul singer AM and England psych-funk producer Shawn Lee forged a near-perfect union when they began their long-distance collaboration a couple of years ago. Their 2011 entry Celestial Electric was a sun-dappled set of comfy grooves, and their just-out La Musique Numerique finds the pair not only deepening their connection, but their references as well.

While Daft Punk’s return indeed makes this album timely, AM & Shawn Lee here focus primarily on bringing ’70s French library music and ’80s Italo-disco into the present, gussying it up with modern production techniques even as they tap some of the vintage machines that gave the records they love their character. Or, as Lee put it via a statement, their process involved “riding a magic carpet made by Casio circa 1981.”

Below you’ll find “All the Love,” a sleek but warm track that seems tailor-made for top-down late-night cruises through neon-lit cities. La Musique Numerique is out now on Park the Van.