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Watch Western Tink & Beautiful Lou’s ‘Drawn’ Video

Tink & Beautiful Lou

Around this time last year, SPIN premiered the video for Western Tink & Beautiful Lou’s “Fancy Schmancy,” a lurching Terminator soundtrack-sounding rap with a video that included a stripper pole in the most dorm room-ish of apartments, complete with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters on the wall. This March, the duo’s collaborative mixtape Mobbin’ No Sobbin’ was finally released. Worth the wait, it’s one of 2013’s strangest and best pieces of work. The immediate highlight is Beautiful Lou’s shoegaze-gone-to-Screwston production, though dedicated listening reveals the layered charms of Tink on the mic: He’s like the Based God if he were too busy grinding and chasing girls to be concerned with all that enlightenment stuff.

On “Drawn,” over a beat that soars like a gladiator movie score (then howls like a Lovecraftian beast), Tink talks up a fiercely independent woman (“She got her own style, she got her own steez / She give a fuck what these other hoes think about her / So she’s like a little version of me”) and admits he may just be in over his head: “She got pimp game like Macaroni Tony / That’s why she can never be my only / She just hit me up when she get lonely.”

In the video, Tink rolls up on a mysterious young woman in a laundromat and ends up going home with her, leading to a skeezy, handmade hipster-vibe video — or maybe he’s just imagined it all? Either way, it’s totally the kind of visual a dude who hollers at girls in a laundromat would slap together. You can watch the video for Western Tink & Beautiful Lou’s “Drawn,” directed by Frenchy Films below. And you can download the Mobbin’ No Sobbin’ mixtape out on MISHKA, here.