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Twitter #Music Head Jumps Ship a Week After App’s Launch

Twitter Music, Kevin Thau

A week ago today, Twitter rolled out Twitter #music, its new music-recommendation app. (Here’s how to use it.) Now, AllThingsD reports the person who spearheaded the project, Kevin Thau, has left the company. Sources familiar with the matter reportedly said Thau will become chief operating officer of Jelly, a mobile start-up from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone about which almost nothing is known. 

According to AllThingsD, Thau was a longtime Twitter employee and was responsible for Twitter’s acquisition of We Are Hunted, a previous music-discovery service that has now turned into Twitter #music. While Twitter #music was in the works, Thau and the rest of the team were reportedly set up in a separate location off-site, so in that sense Thau was split from the rest of the company even before his departure. He follows two other Twitter employees who have recently left for whatever this Jelly thing is.

Most importantly, Thau appears to be a fan of U.K. production duo Disclosure, whose “You & Me” video hit YouTube earlier today. Ah, synchronicity.