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Hear Atoms for Peace’s Clattering ‘Magic Beanz’

thom yorke

Atoms for Peace bros Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich DJed French radio show Nova Club Saturday night (April 27), and debuted new track “Magic Beanz” during the 50-minute broadcast (via TKOL Part 2). Yorke tweeted this morning to clarify early reports that the “new song floating about is called Magic Beanz. the Z is v important. I’d find u a link but I’m still in bedzzz”.

The sometimes Radiohead frontman can continue to rest his weary head; an industrious fan as ripped the song and popped it onto YouTube. Somewhere between Radiohead’s “Like Spinning Plates” and The Eraser‘s “And It Rained All Night,” “Magic Beanz” hears Yorke taunt from far away, “None of this is ever gonna end.” Overlapping idiophonic rhythms scrape like helicopter blades until frothy synth washes over it all, and the song eventually steers into clattering chaos. Hear it below.