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Watch the Babies’ Hitchhiking-Gone-Awry ‘Mess Me Around’ Video

The Babies, "Mess Me Around," video

The Babies piling together in a car as hitchhikers? For a band founded by Woods’ Kevin Morby and Vivian Girls’ Cassie Ramone to “trade song ideas and play house parties,” per the official bio, the idea isn’t that hard to imagine. It’s also the conceit for Bob’s Burger writer (and SPIN Grammy correspondent) Scott Jacobson’s new video for “Mess Me Around,” from last November’s excellent Our House on the Hill. Of course, that record finds the Babies emerging as a full-grown band, so the song accompanying their bogus hitchiking adventure is a wickedly barbed guitar-pop fist-pumper. At the end of video, the band is performing from a balcony, snottily telling us what dumb fucks we are. We’d probably still pick them up.