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See the So So Glos Blow Out Their Network Television Debut on ‘Letterman’

Brooklyn punks played "Son of An American," the opening track off their latest LP

When SPIN recently spoke to the So So Glos about their latest LP, the appropriately titled Blowout, drummer Zach Staggers said of the 12-track effort, “Everything is blown out, bricked out, we just wanted it to be aggressive. We just put our faces in people’s faces to get our ideas out. And it’s a party.”

The Williamsburg-based punks brought that ethos to the Late Show with David Letterman last night (April 26), making their network television debut for a performance of the new album’s opener “Son of an American.” A few seconds into the sneering, scruffy, down-but-not-out anthem, singer-bassist Alex Levine lets an awkward smile slip out across his face, likely a mix of nervousness and excitement; and Levine has every right to experience a quick “Is this really happening?” moment — the So So Glos just got their ideas out in front of a lot more people’s faces.