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Hear Ex-Shins Members Sad Baby Wolf’s Full Emotive ‘Electric Sounds’

Sad Baby Wolf

Marty Crandall and Neal Langford, both former members of the Shins, have returned to Albuquerque for new band Sad Baby Wolf. That homecoming feels crucial to debut album Electric Sounds, which radiates the emotion-wracked, atmosphering-scraping crunch they might’ve heard in those pre-Shins days from bands like the Promise Ring and Camden, as “emo” was becoming a dirty word and groups associated with it were stretching out their arrangements. The five-piece — which also features guitarist Jason Ward, bassist Sean McCullough, and drummer Maury Crandall (Marty’s younger brother) — previously shared the eight-song LP’s waltzing title track, along with singles “8th Level” and “Survival Guide.” The full album, mixed and produced by McCullough, is out today, and you can stream it here.