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Pusha T Drops Boastful Kanye West-Produced Cut ‘Numbers on the Board’

Jay-Z-sampling song culled from Pusha's upcoming 'My Name Is My Name'

“Our family Hov brought that real hip hop shit this morning so me and Pusha wanna keep that feeling going,” Kanye West tweeted this afternoon, moments before Pusha T’s new track “Numbers on the Board” dropped.

Co-produced by Kanye and Don Cannon and featuring a brief Jigga sample, Pusha volleys NBA and CB4 references over a sparse beat on this track about how he’s a baller who puts “numbers on the board.” The Clipse rapper delivers a whole bunch of trademark rhymes, from the killer line “’88 Jordan leaping from the free throw” to bragging that he “might sell a brick on my birthday, 36 years of doing dirt like it’s Earth Day.” Pusha’s only 35, but by the time “Numbers on the Board” and his solo LP My Name Is My Name arrive later this year, he’ll be 36, so that lyric makes sense. Or maybe he just lost count of the years.