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Watch Phosphorescent’s ‘Song for Zula’ Earn Rapturous Applause on ‘Fallon’

phosphorescent, jimmy fallon

Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck recently told SPIN that he felt compelled to dress up his latest album Muchacho with ornate instrumentation and left-field production. “Several of these songs, I think, had to be produced in a strange way,” he said. “Otherwise, they would have just fallen flat… To me, they seem a little raw, and listening back now, with distance, sometimes it’s like, ‘Sheesh, you don’t need to say all of that in a song. Why do that?'”

Despite the string swells and the synth washes, Houck’s vulnerability shines through on lead single “Song for Zula,” which the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Alabama singer-songwriter performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (April 23) to a well-earned ovation. Backed by a collection of violins, conga drums, keyboards, and guitars, the Muchacho maestro gently sings over a steady electro pulse, “I will not open myself up this way again.” Don’t miss it.