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Watch Phoenix Glide Smoothly Through Four ‘Bankrupt!’ Songs on ‘Kimmel’

Phoenix, "Entertainment," "Trying to Be Cool," "Drakkar Noir," "Chloroform," 'Bankrupt!,' "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Phoenix’s new album, out April 23 but streaming now, may be Bankrupt!, but they’re not being tight-fisted about previewing new material. The suave French rockers, purveyors of one Coachella’s best sets last weekend, already visited Saturday Night Live, where they performed not only muchremixed single “Entertainment” but also a two-song suite of Bankrupt!‘s “Trying to Be Cool” and “Drakkar Noir.” Last night, Phoenix descended upon Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and while for the on-air portion they once again nonchalantly performed ambivalent being-a-pop-star contemplation “Entertainment,” online they stretched out their SNL medley to three songs: “Trying to Be Cool,” “Drakkar Noir,” and gently imploring “Choloroform,” where frontman Thomas Mars sings, before pan-flute samples, “I will marry you on Tuesday / I don’t always tell the truth.” You can buy his band’s album Tuesday, and that’s the God’s honest truth.