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Kanye West Boosts G.O.O.D. Rapper D’Banj’s ‘Scapegoat’ With Two-Verse Remix

Kanye emerges / Photo by Getty Images

Kanye West has mostly been quiet since last year’s G.O.O.D. Music album Cruel Summer, but he’s been at work on something. At least part of it is for G.O.O.D. Music rapper D’Banj’s “Scapegoat,” a delightfully sunny song that nudges up against soca. D’Banj is a Nigerian pop star who is the breakout star of Africa’s afrobeats scene, which bridges the gap between the sounds and rhythms of Afrobeat to the tempo of dance music. He broke out in Europe last year with the single “Oliver Twist” and appeared on the Cruel Summer track “The Morning,” but has mostly been an overseas concern for Kanye’s label. “Scapegoat” is a few years old, but has apparently been excavated for a major push worldwide, with West descending from the throne to add two new high-profile verses for a remix.

In his private pursuits, Kanye’s reportedly flown various artists to Paris over the past few months, including new Chicago stars King L, Chief Keef, and Young Chop. He’s also recorded a few new songs with Daft Punk (via Stereogum), which are apparently slated for his upcoming, allegedly God-making next album.