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First Spin: Childish Major & Rome Fortune’s ‘Rights for Wrongs’

Childish Major & Rome Fortune

Which beat from producer Childish Major first grabbed your ears? It was presumably the stunning work he did on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” — a slowly molting Basinski-like loop of decaying synths — which was subsequently overwhelmed by two lunkheaded lines from Rick Ross. Or maybe it was the production he did for fellow New ATLien (and SPIN Best New Artist for April) Rome Fortune, on the mixtape Beautiful Pimp. Just to name a few from that low-key highlight of this young year: There’s “Balcony,” a rising and falling loop of squeaks, stutters, and grunts; the space-age then underwater Ennio Morricone take on “Art of Art”; and the Atari glitch riff on Art of Noise, “Small VVorld.”

Well, add another quietly avant production to that list of favorites. “Rights For Wrongs” is the first single from Childish Major’s upcoming mixtape of the same name. It brings Rome and Major back together over gulps of wordless vocals and fuzzy soul-jazz, with bounce-friendly drums snapping and clapping in what little open space is left. RIYL: OutKast’s “Elevators (Me & You)”; Heems’ “Juveniles Detained at Guantanamo Bay”; Ekkehard Ehlers’ legendary Plays singles.

Stream Childish Major’s “Rights For Wrongs,” featuring Rome Fortune from the upcoming mixtape Rights for Wrongs below.