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Earl Sweatshirt and Riff Raff Are on a Boat in ‘Yacht Lash’

Hear the first single from producer Harry Fraud's upcoming EP

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt and meme culture’s Riff Raff have long been fans of each other — one of the most memorable moments of Coachella’s first weekend was watching Earl excitedly rapping every word to Riff Raff’s “Cuz My Gear” after the L.A.-via-Texas weirdo was brought out by Action Bronson. Today, we get the first collaboration between Earl and Riff Raff with “Yacht Lash,” which comes from Harry Fraud’s upcoming HIgh Time EP. The track is built on an off-kilter stuttering rhythm, one which is navigated more smoothly by Earl even if Riff Raff fires off the most memorabe lines (“feed your nieces Reese’s Pieces while your nephew tie my sneakers”).